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My room it is gloomy

and narrow my bed

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I'm a young student, nerdy outcast and aspiring author with the ambition to know as much as possible about everything. Or, you know, at least about stuff that interest me. Which is basically all things humaniora, especially literature and linguistics. I'm a sceptic at heart but fascinated by all things occult and otherwordly nevertheless, and I have a thing for the Gothic Romantic writers. My special talents are procastination and sleeping in late in the mornings despite a burning passion for watching the sun rise. I sold my soul to the four ladies of CLAMP a few years ago, and my hopes of ever getting it back are quite low.
.hack//sign, androgynity, animals, animation, anime, antropology, art, autumn nights, avatar: the last airbender, books, browsing dictionaries, cardcaptor sakura, cats, ccs, chocolate, clamp, clover, collecting words, definitely not sports, deverry, dianna wynne jones, disney, dogs, don rosa, drawing, edgar allan poe, education, equality, etymology, existentialism, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, folklore, free thinking, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, gay rights, gender studies, genderbending, glbt, high fantasy, history, howl's moving castle, human behaviour, human rights, humaniora, hunchback of notre dame, j r r tolkien, kafka, katherine kerr, kino no tabi, kino's journey, languages, learning stuff, legend of chun hyang, libraries, limericks, linguistics, literature, lord of the rings, lotr, magic knight rayearth, magic realism, manga, mythology, neil gaiman, nerdiness, old books, original fiction, painting, peter pohl, philosophy, poe, poetry, political satire, politics, prose, psychoanalysis, psychology, queer, queer theory, reading, revolutionary girl utena, rg veda, roleplaying, romanticism, rp, salvador dalí, sartre, scrooge/goldie, sexuality, shin shunkaden, shirahime syo, shoujo, shoujo kakumei utena, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, simone de beauvoir, slayers, stories, symbolism, the trickster archetype, theater, theatre, tim burton, tokyo babylon, tolkien, trc, tsubasa, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, utena, victor hugo, virginia woolf, wasting my time online, wish, within temptation, writing, x, x/1999, xxxholic, ye olde english, yuri